Regular courses:

1) PhD (Course work on Research Methodology)

2) M. Phil

3) M. A. as per NEP 2020 w.e.f. 2023-2024

M. A. Sanskrit (7 different specialization options / Track electives) 

M. A. Sanskrit-Yogashastra

M. A. Sanskrit-Arthashastra

M.A. Sanskrit-Epics-and-Puranas

M.A. Sanskrit-Classical-Sanskrit-Literature

3) M. A. Sanskrit CBCS 

Program Outcome, PSO and CO – MA Sanskrit

M.A.Sanskrit-Sem-I-and-II-CBCS   (compulsory subjects)
M.A II -SEM III (10 electives are offered ) only one can be selected
1. Veda
2. Vedanta
3. Darshana Literature
4. Alamkara
5. Vyakarana
6.Classical Sanskrit Literature
7. Modern Sanskrit Literature
8. Indian Law and Administration
9. Arsha Mahakavyas and Puranas 
10. Indology

I) Inter-disciplinary courses ( electives) only one can be selected
i) Narratology: theory and Application
ii) Yoga and Meditation
iii) Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems
iv) Indian Aesthetics-Theory and Application

v) Ancient Indian Arts

Skill based courses (electives) only one can be selected

i) Alamkaras and Vruttas

ii) Zala Vedanta
iii) Creative writing in Sanskrit
iv) Translation Studies

III) Dissertation -Students has to submit the dissertation for 100 marks based on the topic approved by respective guide and the Department

IV) Audited Course in Research Methodology (additional)

Part time courses :
1) Certificate Course in Sanskrit
2) Diploma in Sanskrit
3) Advanced Diploma in Sanskrit
4) P. G. Diploma in Comparative Mythology
5) Diploma Course in Manuscriptology
6) P. G. Diploma in Mysticism
7) Diploma course in Bhakti Literature
8) Certificate course in Prakrits 

9) Diploma Course in the Bhagavadgita

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