Regular courses:

  1. Ph.D
  2. M. Phil
  3. M.A.

Part time courses (conducted on Saturdays)

  1. Certificate Course in Sanskrit (contact: Smt Vidya Gore – 9820731496)                                                              This course is meant for beginners who want to learn Sanskrit from the basics. This course focuses on spoken Sanskrit as well as basic grammar of the language. It is seen that students can read, write and understand simple Sanskrit by this course. This course can be joined by anybody who is interested to learn Sanskrit and standard Xth is the basic eligibility of this course. Course is run on every Saturday between 2.30 p.m. -5.45 p.m. Duration of the course in one year and exam shall be conducted in the month of April.                                                       
  2. Diploma in Sanskrit  (course coordinator Smt Shobha Sahasrabuddhe- 9833665389)
    This course is the next level of learning Sanskrit language. One who has done certificate course can join this course as well as one who is well conversant with basic understanding of Sanskrit language and grammar.This course focuses on making students aware of Classical Sanskrit literature along with higher grammar. Course is run on every Saturday between 2.30 p.m. -5.45 p.m. Duration of the course in one year and exam shall be conducted in the month of April.                                     
  3. Advanced Diploma in Sanskrit  (course coordinator Smt Shobha Sahasrabuddhe- 9833665389)
    Students with diploma in Sanskrit but having graduation in any subject are eligible for this course. This course opens different areas of Sanskrit like Veda, Vedanta, Vyakarana, Sahitya to students. Students have to submit two assignments along with the written exam.This is like a bridge course for those who want to pursue for M. A. in Sanskrit. Course is run for the duration of one year on every Saturday between 1.00-5.00 p.m. (time is flexible – it will be decided as per the convenience of majority students and faculty members).                                      
  4. P. G. Diploma In Comparative Mythology  (course coordinator Ms. Garima Chaudhry-9987223453 )                    This course develops comparative outlook about myths of different cultures across the globe. Different theories are studied in this course which help to understand myths from multidimensional manner.                    
  5. Diploma in Manuscriptology   (course coordinator Ms. Varada Thosar Dhapre- 7303588683)                            This course includes understanding of the concept and definition of Manuscripts, various scripts including Sharada, Brahmi Newari, Grantha, Telugu and Modi. It also makes awareness about preservation and conservation of Manuscripts.                                                       
  6. P. G. Diploma in Mysticism   (course coordinator- Dr. Madhavi Narsalay- 9821347961 )
    Mysticism is the process of union with God. Since God is not the monopoly of any religious group, mystics and mystical experiences are found in all cultures. The study of mysticism is the study of these people and their spiritual journeys, resulting in a divine union. Mysticism is a fairly new branch of knowledge and was first investigated thoroughly by Evelyn Underhill, an English woman who wrote on matters of Christian mysticism and mystical processes thereof in the late 20th century. Closer home, Gurudev Ranade did similar scholarly work in this field. His defining work ‘Mysticism in Maharashtra’ set the paradigm of systematic study of the subject. The Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai, takes forth Ranade’s legacy by offering this unique course in Mysticism.                                                  
  7. Diploma in Bhakti    (course coordinator Dr. Shakuntala Gawde  – 9892357859)                                                      This course gives an advanced understanding about various bhakti cults, texts and stotras. Bhaktirasamrutasindhu and Bhaktiratnavali are taught in this course to give the shastric exposure about Bhakti philosophy.                   
  8. Certificate course in Prakrit   (course coordinator Ms. Shilpa Chheda-9323980615)                                                This course deals with some Prakrit texts and Prakrit grammar which enhance the understanding of the Prakrit languages like Maharashtri, Shauraseni, Ardhamagadhi etc.

Fee Structure and Eligibility :

Sr. No.Name of the Full Time CoursesFeesDurationEligibility
01.M.A. Part – IRs. 5505/-1 YearB.A. Sanskrit / Graduation in any faculty  + Entrance
02.M.A. Part – IIRs. 4280/-1 YearM.A. Part I Passed in Sanskrit
03.M. Phil.Rs. 7405/-1 ½ YearM.A. Sanskrit 50% + PET/NET/SET
04.Ph.D.Rs. 11055/-3 YearsPET Passed / M.Phil. / NET / SET/JRF
 Part time courses   
1.Certificate course in SanskritRs. 2140/-1 YearS.S.C. Pass
2.Diploma course in SanskritRs. 2140-1 YearCertificate course in Sanskrit
3.Advanced Diploma course in SanskritRs. 3640/-1 YearGraduation in any faculty  + Diploma course in Sanskrit
4.P.G. Diploma in Comparative MythologyRs. 2540/-1 YearGraduate in any faculty
5.P.G. Diploma course in MysticismRs. 3640/-1 YearGraduate in any faculty
6.Diploma course in ManuscriptologyRs. 3640/-1 Year  S.S.C. Pass
7.Diploma in BhaktiRs. 5640/-1 YearH.S.C. Pass
8.Certificate course in PrakritsRs. 4140/-1 YearS.S.C. Pass

Help Desk:

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