Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai has organized ‘Sanskrit Day’ on October 23, 2021, at 3.p.m. Program started with University song and Saraswati Vandana sung by Dr.Medha Deshpande. Dr.Shakuntala Gawde (Head & Asst.Professor, Department of Sanskrit) welcomed all and gave welcome speech. Dr.Madhavi Narsalay (Asst.Professor, Department of Sanskrit) introduced the chief guest Dr.Hariram Mishra (Asst.Professor Sanskrit and Prachyavidya Adhyayana Sansthanam, Jawaharlal Nehru Vishvavidyalaya).

             After that Dr.Mishra given a speech on ‘Adhunikakale Kautiliya Arthashastrasya Auchityam’. He elaborated kautilya in a very scholarly way. He explained the terms the need for law, economics and government, Raja (king), officials, advisors & checks on government, marriage laws, war and peace, regulations and taxes, etc. Word “Arthashastra” is Originated from Sanskrit and it means “Science of Politics” or the economics of a society or industry is the system of organizing money and trade in it. Dr.Mishra explained that, kautilya taught us about life of a king, association with the aged, creations of ministers & councillors and priest, spies and espionage, duty of king, distribution of land, formation of villages, constructions of forts, collection of revenue, handling mines and construction operations, duties of various superintendents, how to prepare for a upcoming invasion and how to prepare kingdom for a war, etc. Dr.Mishra elaborated, how Kautilya’s knowledge about human behavior is really astounding. He advises about six emotional devils which the king should avoid and ensure that his cabinet members also avoid. He makes it amply clear that times six emotional devils do not allow appropriate decision making in any operation. The emotional devils identified by Kautilya are: Kama (lust), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Mana (vanity), Mada (haughtiness) and Harsh (overjoy).

                             After the scholarly speech Department of Sanskrit inaugurated the book ‘Mahattamaha Maharajadhirajaha Shivajihi’. Dr.Hemantaraje Gaikwad is the original author and Dr.Suchitra Tajane is the chief editor of the book. Dr.Gaikwad explained the contents of the book and announced ‘Shree. Raghunathpanta Hanumante Award’ to Dr.Suchitra Tajane. At the end Dr.Suchitra Tajane proposed vote of thanks.

-Dr.Medha Deshpande