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The pandemic has had it’s toll on the people across the globe in general and in specific on the students studying in schools, colleges and universities. The change of the mode of the lectures from classroom to online classrooms is a difficult thing to adjust to for both the students and the teacher. To top it the examinations are also being planned to be conducted online. This really had a lot of questions and concerns with the current lot of students appearing for the exams in our Department of Sanskrit, Mumbai University. To get a better understanding on the way the exams would be conducted and to ease our fears and stress, Mumbai University Department of Sanskrit organized an online session for the students and teachers सुसंवाद – परीक्षा – समुपदेशन which was attended by Dr. Vinod Patil and Dr. Hemant Belsare on 5th Jan, 2021 from 16:00 – 18:00.

The head of the department Dr. Suchitra Tajane aptly introduced the session by reciting a poem written by her on examinations and how it’s an integral part of our life. This made sense and made the students see a bigger picture of life and examinations revolving around each other. Dr. Madhavi Narsalay introduced speakers present for the programme.

Dr. Vinod Patil, the Director of Board of Examination and Evaluation, University of Mumbai put our concerns to rest by letting us know in detail the mode of the examination along with timelines for the same. He also answered to the queries by both students and teachers on various aspects regarding the exams. The path ahead for the next semester was also made crystal clear and it put many of our concerns at rest.

Dr. Hemant Belsare, a well known psychiatrist guided the students with regards to their anxiety and tensions due to new pattern of examination. He imparted many life lessons to keep stress at bay. It was a very enriching interactive session with multiple takeaways to ease the anxiety of the students.

Dr. Shakuntala Gawde proposed vote of thanks. The efforts taken by Mumbai University Department of Sanskrit to organize this session is commendable and has touched the hearts of many students.

-Hema Kumar
MA part 2, 2019