‘National Seminar on  Literary & Musical Aspects in Prabhat Samgiita and  Indian Devotional Music on  11th  September, 2023 


On the eve of 41st  Prabhat Samgiita Divas, the Department of Music and Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai in collaboration with Renaissance Artists and Writers Association (RAWA), the cultural wing of Ananda Marga Pracharak Samgha, Mumbai Chapter has organised a ‘National Seminar on  Literary & Musical Aspects in Prabhat Samgiita and  Indian Devotional Music’ composed and set to tunes by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, on 11th  September, 2023 at the Department of Music, Sanskrutik Bhavan ,University of Mumbai. 

The program was inaugurated by Pt. Bhavdeep Jaipurwale as the  Chief Guest. He said that Prabháta Saḿgiita is the feeling of the heart, and the expression of the heart, and it has been written with the ink of the heart. Prabháta Saḿgiita – Songs of the New Dawn – a collection of 5,018 spirituality-oriented songs composed by  Shrii Prabhát Ranjan Sarkar over a span of mere eight years (September 14th 1982 – October 20th 1990). The tunes include a variety of forms and styles with elements spanning from classical to folk music.

Dr. Vishwambhar Jadhav, Senate member of Mumbai University was the Guest of Honour.He mentioned that  Prabhat Samgiita is a seminal contribution of  Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, founder of Ananda Marga.  Prof. Kunal Ingle, Head, Department of Music, University of Mumbai delivered the welcome speech and introduced all Guests. He spoke on various activities undertaken by RAWA throughout the globe for bringing renaissance in all strata of life. Acharya Divyachetnananda Avadhuta,  Central RU & RAWA Secretary delivered the Keynote address. He highlighted the origin of Samgiita in general and Prabhat Samgiita in particular. He said that Lord Shiva was the embodiment of Samgiita. Here , Samgiita means song, Dance and instrumental music. Lord Shiva first invented Sursaptak. Acharya Divyachetanananda Avadhuta explained that  Prabhat Samgiita means songs of New Dawn and most of the songs of Prabhta Samgiita were composed in Bengali. Around fifty songs were composed in other languages which include English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Magahi, Maithili and Angika. 

Prof. Manisha Kulkarni, Department of Music, University of Mumbai sang  Prabhat Samgiita and also delivered a talk on Prabhat Samgiita. She said that these songs are an expression of supra-aesthetic science, encouraging the aspirant to transcend the boundaries of mundane life and become ensconced in the beauty of spiritual bliss. The poetry of lyrics expresses elements of love, mysticism, devotion, neohumanism and revolution and the songs present a wide spectrum of both Eastern and Western music. She also lauded that Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar has written more than  500 books consisting of Philosophy, Language, Literature, Music, Neohumanism, Economics, History, Science etc. 

Dr. Bhagyashree  Varma, Associate Prof. , Department of English , University of Mumbai  explained Literary Aspects of  Prabhat  Samgiita and  Dr. Shakuntala Gawde, Head,Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai spoke on the Devotional aspects of Prabhat Samgiita. The programme was hosted by Shrii Vijay Agarwal, Chairman, RAWA, Mumbai and  Prof. Kunal Ingle Convenor & Head , Department of Music ,University of Mumbai. Shri Subhendu Prabhu also spoke on this occasion. 

Acharya Divyachetanananda Avadhuta

    Central Public Relations Secretary

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