Report of Study tour – Diploma in Manuscriptology – on 5th March 2023

Report of Study tour – Diploma in Manuscriptology -on 5th March 2023, Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai

On 5th March, Sunday, Students of “Diploma in Manuscriptology” Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai had visited Nashik to see the collection of the Manuscripts under the guidance of Anita Joshi Madam.

Students reached  Nashik by 11.00 a.m. and then they had a lecture of Dr. Devdutt Deshmukh, An Ayurvedic Doctor and Scholar in the Manuscript studies which was really an amazing experience for all. He is well known in the field of Ayurvedic manuscripts. He threw a light on the importance of joint study of Aayurved and Manuscripts.

Then Students had an informative and lively lecture of Anita Joshi Madam, on the topic  “Preservation & Conservation of Manuscripts” along with some practical manuscript handling.

After lunch, All students went to see the manuscript collection of Jayant Gaydhani, resident of Nashik. He, a manuscript lover preserved lot of manuscripts in his house. He  had a keen communication with students regarding his collection.

Students went further for heritage walk, where they witnessed Old temples in nashik along with its mythological & geographical findings.

Overall, it was very fruitful experience for our student. It was really a good chance for them to grab practical experience in this field.

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