Kalidas Din-on 01st July 2022

Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai organized a lecture of Dr. Pankaj Bhamburkar (Ph.d. Indology and Fine arts) on the occasion of Kalidas Din on 01st July 2022 at 3.p.m. He delivered lecture on the topic- “An Appreciation of paintings of the heroines in Malvikagnimitram and Abhidnyanshakuntalam”. Dr. Shakuntala Gawde presented the preamble. Smt.Shobha Sahasrabuddhe introduced the guest. Dr. Medha Deshpande compered the programme. Dr.Bhamburkar pointed out many essential key elements of Kalidas’s literature through the paintings.  Kalidasa was a Classical Sanskrit author who is often considered ancient India’s greatest poet and playwright. Dr. Bhamburkar explained the wonderful elements of Kalidas’s Malvikagnimitram and Abhidnyanshakuntalam with heroins of the analysis of paintings of Malavika and Shakuntala. While portraying Malavika, he has beautifully explained the term ‘Shithila Samadhi’ avastha. He pointed out the special features of Krishna mriga-mrigi, trisharta chataka, dayardra megha, Hamsa couple, Himalaya, Malini River, etc. through the paintings. He stated the Chitraprakara – Fourth, Middle and Background Chitras. He explained the motion and the constancy of pictures at the same time through the paintings of Kalidas very aptly. Mr.Ajay Pendse proposed vote of thanks.

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