Paper 1:

Paper 2:

Important instructions

1.      Links for the question paper will be available on at the time of exam

2.      Google form will be opened after your click

3.      Download the question paper from the given link

4.      Write down all answers on paper / type all answers in English/ Marathi/ Sanskrit or Hindi. Write your name email id and mobile number on your answer paper

5.      You have to finish the paper in prescribed time

6.      Take photos or scan from your mobile of the written pages

7.      Convert those scanned pages into single pdf (you can use Adobe scan or Camscanner in your mobile)

8.      Rename the pdf file as Your name_name of the paper e.g. Shraddha Patil_Classical Sanskrit Literature

9.      Mostly PDF won’t be more than 10 MB.

10.  But if PDF has more size than 10MB. reduce/compress it using online compressor.

11.  There are many websites for this. eg :


12.  Upload the file in given slot of Google form and then submit

For any queries contact-

Dr. Medha Deshpande-7045007298